Language Support

Truckcom mobile now supports 17 different languages, allowing users from almost anywhere to use Truckcom.

Our supported languages include English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Bulgarian and Russian.



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New customer Directlinc goes live with Truckcom


We are delighted to welcome DirectLinc to our growing customer base.

DirectLinc is a new division recently formed within FreshLinc, a well established haulage operation with its head offices in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

In late 2016 Darren Page, DirectLinc’s General Manager, started to investigate alternatives to their existing traffic system, which was imposing limitations on the flexibility of their operation and was also starting to show its age. As part of these investigations, he contacted Truckcom and started a free trial of Truckcom’s Transport Management and Vehicle Tracking system along with the Truckcom driver App.

“The trial was very helpful”, says Darren. “Whenever we asked whether Truckcom could do something, or if we needed a new feature to make our lives easier, the answer was always yes” .

The DirectLinc division covers FreshLinc’s container haulage operations, and in collaboration with other FreshLinc divisions also covers an increasing amount of general haulage. “It was important for us to be sure we could run the Container work alongside our general haulage” says Darren. “Truckcom gave us plenty of time to evaluate their system, so it was easy to check this during the trial”.

More recently, through acquisition by FreshLinc of a bulk operator, DirectLinc’s activities have expanded further to include Agricultural Bulk operations. “When we first spoke with Truckcom about this, we were re-assured, because Truckcom were already dealing with other bulk operators” says Darren.

The bulk operations are now fully up and running with DirectLinc and the transition was straightforward. Darren is pleased with the way that Truckcom brings together all the different aspects of their operation. “Containers, general haulage, and bulk – we do it all with Truckcom now” he says.

For more case studies visit our case studies page


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A Record Number of Installs for Truckcom

Truckcom has recently hit a bit of a milestone. We have exceeded 10,000 installs of the Truckcom driver App.
Sterling work by the mobile team in supporting all our mobile users!

Mobile pic

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Another new team member

We are delighted to welcome Liam Rothwell to our team.
Liam is a new graduate with a degree in Computer Science and has already been with us for a few weeks. As well as getting to grips with the Truckcom office and mobile systems he is also helping us to have a greater social media presence.
Liam’s thoughts so far “I joined Truckcom as a graduate software developer but within my first few weeks I have also reviewed our social media, created a YouTube video, looked into web advertising and created an induction plan too. I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to branch out and explore different things.”



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Getting started with Truckcom Mobile

We now have a Youtube video that makes it even easier to get started with Truckcom mobile.

Anyone who needs to understand or use Truckcom mobile can learn how to log on and operate our mobile app by just watching here:

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A new Member of the Team

We are very happy to welcome Ashley Butcher to our team.

Ash has already got 4 years of development experience in the aerospace industry and we are sure that his enthusiasm and previous experience will be of great benefit to us.


He says “My first week has been great, full of exciting challenges and learning. Hugh and the team have been very accommodating and are happy to answer any questions I have. Looking forward to the future at Truckcom”

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Finding the right solution

Here at Truckcom we pride ourselves on simple elegant solutions to problems.

Today the light coming through the skylight was too bright for Rob!!!


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