Making things easy for drivers

One of the things we’ve realised is very important in Truckcom is to make things as easy as we possibly can for drivers.

To help with this, there’s a recent new feature we’ve provided which helps them to log on, for the first time, simply by scanning a QR code on their smartphone.

To explain this, first I need to show you one of the customised driver user guides Truckcom has been able to generate for some time now (the image below is just the first page – most guides are two pages):


You can see that this takes the driver through a step-by-step sequence explaining to them how to use Truckcom. The new feature is in the first two steps. When they first use Truckcom, the driver now sees the following screen:


He simply presses “QR Setup” and scans the code in step 2, and, immediately, he gets his username, password, and company name automatically entered – no typing required.

We hope that this will speed things up for new users. It’s an example of the many ways that Truckcom tries to make things as easy as possible for all users.

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