So what’s happened with Chrome and Silverlight?

Annoyingly, Google has disabled Silverlight in its Chrome browser. They have stated that this was done to improve Chrome’s security, speed, and stability. However it’s hard to avoid the suspicion that this was, at least partly, a dig by Google against Microsoft (who provide and support Silverlight – and who are a key rival to Google).

TruckcomST uses Microsoft Silverlight so from now on, unfortunately, users won’t be able to use TruckcomST in Chrome. We recommend that all users should use Internet Explorer (IE) going forward. While IE isn’t the best browser for some things, for using Silverlight it’s the best bet – because it’s a Microsoft browser and Silverlight is a Microsoft system. Microsoft have promised to continue supporting Silverlight 5 (the version we use) in IE until at least December 2021.

(Note: For those who have just upgraded to Windows 10, please note that IE is not the same as the new Windows 10 browser called “Edge”. Edge doesn’t support Silverlight, so you need to find IE and run that instead. It would be have been great if Microsoft could have avoided this particular confusion factor!)

The Chrome change has affected a number of other systems as well, for instance Sky Go, which is a very widely used web application. Sky, like us, are recommending that users should switch to a different browser.

For the technically minded, there’s a bit more background here on the Chrome change. If you need further advice on all of this, do contact us.

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