Multi language TruckcomMobile

Since introducing the first full translation of our mobile app about a year ago we’ve being working hard to include an ever growing number of language options for TruckcomMobile. In fact, at the time of writing TruckcomMobile supports 14 languages: French, Dutch, Icelandic, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Finnish, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian and Lithuanian.

These translations are available on all platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and can be enabled for existing users by navigating to Settings -> Languages in Truckcom. For new users it couldn’t be easier, for any device with a non-English localisation the first screen the user sees is the language selection form shown below.

sr6  sr5  sr3

One of the goals of these translations is to make our application ever simpler to use. With that in mind we have been careful to build these translations into our systems in such a way that no language packs or updates will ever be required. Any new languages or changes to existing phrases can be pushed to devices remotely and will seamlessly appear in the app.

The custom user guides mentioned in a previous blog post go hand in hand with the app and haven’t been left out of our multi language push. A full user guide is available in the languages above to make getting started as easy as possible.
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.32.45

If there is a language your drivers need not currently supported please contact for more information.

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