Doing Pallet Networks the right way

This week we are pleased to announce that we have just finalised our fourth pallet network automatic interface in TruckcomST.

What does this mean? We can quickly and easily setup a Truckcom system with an integration to one or a combination of the four pallet networks below:

  • UPN
  • PalletLine
  • TPN
  • Pallex

Using these integrations you can seamlessly download jobs from the network, routing them out to drivers / vehicles using a simple yet powerful routing method which we have designed from the ground up, then tracking the drivers throughout their deliveries with their work delivered direct to Truckcom Mobile providing an effective, complete solution.

Planning is easy; Looking at all of the jobs, plotted onto a map, you simply click each stop using the geographical indicators as references, building a run for your driver in seconds. (example seen below)



The UPN integration is very powerful, Truckcom is able to automatically send the Truckcom electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) directly to the network as the delivery is taken, and record the POD taken by the network for deliveries made on your behalf.

Couple this with automatic rating of jobs from the network and customers being able to input jobs directly into your Truckcom system with these being loaded directly into UPN really does create something extraordinary. Lets hope the other networks catch up with UPN soon!

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