Truckcom mobile now runs in 17 languages!

Good news for Truckcom users with drivers whose first language isn’t English.

Choose a language

Drivers can now use the mobile app in any one of 17 different languages. We have developed this facility in response to customer requests both in the UK and abroad.

Drivers can now select their chosen language in the Truckcom app, and the good news is that Truckcom does all the hard work for you and reports back to the office users in English.

We recently calculated that 90% of drivers operating abroad are using the Truckcom app in a language other than English. This in itself isn’t particularly surprising, but what is interesting is how many drivers operating in the UK are logging onto Truckcom mobile in another language. At present a substantial 10% of drivers working for Truckcom customers in the UK are using the app in their native language.

Vehicle checks in Polish

This is an interesting reflection of the increasingly diverse driver workforce in the UK. The foreign language facility is making communication much easier and is particularly helpful in completing the obligatory walk-around checks and ensuring that language barriers don’t get in the way of staying legal.

It also means that all the standard questions surrounding accidents and insurance claims become a lot less confusing. In both cases the driver can fill in the necessary documents in their own chosen language and the office users receive all the information automatically in English.

If your non English speaking drivers aren’t already using this facility and have their own phone operating on a non UK network they will automatically be offered this option when they first install Truckcom mobile. If they have a UK phone they can press “settings” then “language” within the app. Please contact Truckcom support on 0800 644 4821 for help in setting up this facility….

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