Truckcom – A customer’s view

We are always happy to shout about all the good stuff that Truckcom can do, but sometimes it’s nice to hear about it from a different perspective. Here Steve Jones, MD of Waterside Logistics describes his long standing relationship with Truckcom.

Waterside Logistics Ltd

“I first was introduced to Truckcom in 2005 whilst working for a large haulage operation. At the time the company was using an old style system which was adequate but had no flair or ingenuity. A few systems were investigated but Truckcom stood out because of its many user friendly functions. Another big plus was the PDA system for the vehicles. This meant that jobs could be planned, the drivers could see the job and within a few clicks, could acknowledge and follow it without the many phone calls that it would normally have taken.  In addition to this was the real time defect reporting system, which gave an edge to the business. We could sell ourselves better because we could see every truck, including subcontractors, and we were able to give this visibility to customers who could then see the trucks working on their own jobs. A good USP in today’s market.

At this time there were many updates and changes made, EDI links, accounts functions changed or added and all done in a timely manner and in many cases with no cost.

I moved companies in 2009 and used an alternative system which was frankly poor in comparison so when it came to starting my own business it was an easy choice for me to talk to Truckcom about how we could get the system working for us. We haven’t been disappointed, the system now feels more robust, it still does all the good stuff I remember and for us as a new company with minimal staff it means we can plan a large number of jobs in a smart way with no time lost on unnecessary phone calls.  Truckcom is very user friendly – it’s easy to get started, easy to use and there is little training needed. As a new company the pay as you go system is perfect. There is no huge outlay in system costs and licence fees, it is a pure plug and play exercise.

I would recommend Truckcom to any logistic company as it can cover all bases, but the big wins are tracking for live information, defect reporting for drivers and cost.  It is a well rounded package for any company to use and be comfortable in the knowledge that behind the scenes there is a team of people looking to better the product and support their customers with live help should it be required. I have only really touched the surface of what the system can actually do and in time I intend to dig into it deeper to get even more out of it”

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