Meet our new team members

Truckcom has taken on several large new customers recently and in order to maintain the level of service that our users have come to expect of us we have taken on two new developers to join our team. Adam Conroy joined us in April and Rob Francis in August. Both are highly qualified technically but also really friendly and happy to help with all your queries.

Both are enjoying the variety of work that that Truckcom offers and are already making important contributions to the quality of our product and level of customer service that we pride ourselves on here at Truckcom.


“As a mobile developer here, I am presented with a range of different challenges on a daily basis, which I enjoy, and I get a great sense of achievement when overcoming them. I am continually learning new things that not only keep the job interesting, but helps to further broaden my knowledge”

Rob Francis


“Having regular contact with users – responding to fix issues or to implement requests and suggestions – gives me a sense of engagement in the service we provide that is very satisfying and means the work is fast paced and interesting”

Adam Conroy

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