New Case Study – Simarco

Simarco are an award-winning distribution company who provide a range of Logistic services in mainland UK and Europe. Set up in 1997 they have 250 employees and 70 vehicles in the UK with three hubs in Witham, Stoke and Burton Upon Trent.

Prior to using Truckcom Simarco had been using a PDA based system. “The old system was cumbersome and confusing for the drivers to use” says Nina Hart, Simarco’s Transport Director. “We knew we needed to upgrade to a more modern system and we were immediately impressed with Truckcom’s Smartphone based solution”.
Simarco evaluated Truckcom during a free trial period, and found that drivers far preferred the Smartphone based approach. “Internally there was a concern about how the drivers would adapt to the new software however they all have their own smartphones so the transition for them was very quick and easy” says Nina.

Knowing that Truckcom was well established with other companies helped their decision. “The fact that Truckcom is a mature system rather than something new on the market was a big tick for us”.

Nina goes on to say “Vehicle checks are an added benefit. They save admin time and were not available on the old system. Another saving is the tracking, which is available via the Truckcom App and replaces the older kit that is at the end of its contract. Truckcom is an efficient one stop shop that enables us to make the operation run as efficiently as possible”.

Simarco have already rolled out Truckcom at their Witham site and are about to start introducing it in Stoke. The hope is to eventually make use of Truckcom’s multi language facility when rolling out the system in Europe. As this work is carried out via single haulier trailer deliveries as opposed to using agents Truckcom will help them with job planning and sending work to drivers delivering part loads.

Nina has been very pleased with the implementation of Truckcom so far. She says “The fact that with Truckcom you deal with a technical decision maker throughout has been a big plus. You know you will get what you ask for, which makes the whole process a lot smoother”.

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