The biggest planning screen ever!

One of our larger customers, the Green Group, has achieved a unique position among all of our users. One of its Directors, Nick Hoyes, in the picture, easily breaks all previous records for the largest ever screen that has been used to plan vehicles in Truckcom!nick-hoyes

The Green Group is a large operation, more than 100 vehicles, so as you can imagine the planning process is a major task. Before he used Truckcom, Nick used to use a large spreadsheet for his planning. This was the only approach that would work, back then, with the scale and pace of the Green Group’s planning challenge. When the company became interested in Truckcom, Nick threw down the gauntlet: Can Truckcom provide a planning facility that can replace his spreadsheet?  It needed not to just meet Nick’s requirements, but also directly connect him with all the other activities the company does – for instance pricing and invoicing, and also of course also the link with our smartphone app.

Now Nick’s planning screen, which is a new screen layout in Truckcom that we developed in careful consultation with him, sits right in the middle of all of these activities. We’re very grateful to Nick for breaking records in the Truckcom world – and we wish the Green Group the very best as they continue their expansion.

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