QR code Consignment Labels

Recently we’ve made an improvement to Truckcom that helps operators to track individual items of a consignment from collection through to delivery.

The labels which can be printed directly from TruckcomST now include QR codes, and Truckcom mobile now allows drivers to scan these codes, at collection and delivery. The driver can’t complete the collection or delivery until they’ve scanned all the items, which gives you the assurance that all items were collected and delivered.

In Truckcom mobile, the way the driver does this is using a new option named “Labels” in the POD menu (see below).  Using this option, before completing the collection or delivery, the driver can scan QR codes from each label in the consignment using Truckcom Mobile.  We have kept the process simple, focusing on creating a fast and efficient way to further track items.

The image below shows the complete process within Truckcom Mobile


To generate the labels, TruckcomST users simply right click on a Job and select “Print Labels”. It’s as easy as that.


Below are examples of the labels that are generated in TruckcomST.


For any questions or more information please feel free to contact Truckcom support on 0800 644 4821.

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