TruckcomXT is here!

After more than a year of development and testing, our very latest and best version of Truckcom’s web based office system, TruckcomXT, is now rolling out, with increasing numbers of users finding that its flexibility and speed can really help them in their work.

XT is here
Truckcom XT

The web based system already in use since around 2012, TruckcomST, has provided users with a powerful framework for transport and fleet management which has seen Truckcom’s user base grow hugely since then.  TruckcomXT provides all the same data, viewed in pretty much the same way. For example, the Jobs Grid in TruckcomXT will look immediately familiar to many who are already familiar with TruckcomST:

TruckcomXT Jobs Grid

Along with these familiar features, though, TruckcomXT brings a lot of new power to assist web users.

  1. TruckcomXT performs quicker than the previous system in many situations. The new system moves a lot of the hard work from the user’s computer to the Truckcom servers, and this means that it’s a far more powerful system which imposes a lighter load on your computer
  2. TruckcomXT works in all browsers. Unlike TruckcomST, which is restricted primarily to Internet Explorer, TruckcomXT is useable in many other browsers including Firefox and Google Chrome, which is a far more popular browser now than in 2012 when TruckcomST was first rolled out

Last but not least, TruckcomXT replicates not just the grid and column layouts from its predecessor, but also all the Right Click menu options, which are a familiar part of TruckcomST for all users, are carried across. Even better, in TruckcomXT these menus can be customised by your Admin users to add and remove options to allow users to focus on the options they need

TruckcomXT Right Click Menu

We are now encouraging all our users to start to use TruckcomXT.  The software remains, strictly speaking, “Under Construction” but we are keen to seek more feedback from real users as the new system beds in.  As with previous versions of Truckcom, further development and improvements will be ongoing for a long time into the future, as informed by feedback from real users. It’s this kind of interaction with our customers that has made Truckcom what it already is, and harnessing that user knowledge will always be central to what we do.

A final note; you may be wondering how long TruckcomST, the current web system, will remain available. Just to re-assure you, we have no plans to retire it any time soon, and it’s possible that it may have to remain in use for some people for a considerable time to come. However, Microsoft have put a time limit on their official support for Silverlight, the underlying Microsoft technology on which TruckcomST is built, at the end of 2021. There’s a risk that Internet Explorer may become effectively dead, or almost dead, at that time. So we are encouraging all users to give the new system a good look; it’s a future-proof environment which we can guarantee will be available many years beyond 2021.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me at or alternatively get in touch with our helpdesk at or by calling 0800 6444 821.

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