Christmas Support


We’d like to offer all of our customers our very best wishes over the Christmas holidays.

Our offices will be closed from 16:00 on Friday 23rd December until 08:00 on Tuesday 3rd January 2016.

We will be providing emergency daytime support cover during this period via an engineer on call arrangement. Please note that support will only be available for a technical emergency which is stopping several users from using Truckcom. If you encounter such an emergency during this period, please call +44 7989 449085 for assistance.

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BlackBerry – a final farewell

Well – it’s finally happened.


BlackBerry announces it will make no more new phones

This means that now, pretty much every single smartphone on the market – anything running Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.), any iPhone, and any Nokia/Microsoft Lumia, will all run Truckcom mobile.

I’m amazed BlackBerry hung on as long as it did. The writing has been on the wall for some years now. Good news for the rest of the industry, though – it means we can now consolidate on the popular platforms. And in an age where increasingly, a smartphone the driver already has will be the one they use for Truckcom, this consolidation is really helpful for us.

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New case study – Seven Lincs


We’re delighted to welcome Seven Lincs to our customer community.

Seven Lincs Limited was formed in 2005 to provide a comprehensive range of container transport and logistics services to the ever growing supply chain industry. The business has enjoyed continued growth since its inception and following the acquisition of H J Calver in 2006 it now runs over 150 dedicated vehicles covering all areas of the UK with an annual turnover of £20 million.

With its head office located in a prime location on the Port of Felixstowe, Seven Lincs also have vehicles based in Kettering, London, the North East, North West, Southampton, and the Midlands, ensuring a substantial representation at all major UK ports. The company also has relationships with a number of leading rail operators, allowing it to offer rail space to help maximise utilisation and cost efficiency.

Seven Lincs adopted Truckcom in June 2016. Tom Dunnett, General Manager, says “We inherited the TOPS system which had been used for the last 10 years. With the direction that our business and the container industry in general were taking change was needed in order to drive the business forward. We needed a more upmarket system which could cope with the day to day running of our business. We chose Truckcom because of its user friendly nature and for its flexibility in enabling us to get exactly what we wanted in order to firstly cope with customer demand and secondly streamline our operation”

Tom continues: “With Truckcom, Seven Lincs has moved into a paperless era where defects, PODs and Timesheets are now collated directly into our system without the need to manually scan them in. Truckcom is an indispensable part of our business now and the transition from our old system was seamless. Our customers have also enjoyed our decision to change as the driver is connected directly to the customer in terms of vehicle tracking and live updates, and POD’s are made available minutes after the driver has completed his delivery or collection. The drivers have all praised the system due to the easy-to-use Truckcom app and the removal of Timesheets, Defect Books, and delivery notes – all the information given to us via the customer is transmitted directly into the palm of the driver’s hand.”

Read more of our case studies here

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Meet our new team members

Truckcom has taken on several large new customers recently and in order to maintain the level of service that our users have come to expect of us we have taken on two new developers to join our team. Adam Conroy joined us in April and Rob Francis in August. Both are highly qualified technically but also really friendly and happy to help with all your queries.

Both are enjoying the variety of work that that Truckcom offers and are already making important contributions to the quality of our product and level of customer service that we pride ourselves on here at Truckcom.


“As a mobile developer here, I am presented with a range of different challenges on a daily basis, which I enjoy, and I get a great sense of achievement when overcoming them. I am continually learning new things that not only keep the job interesting, but helps to further broaden my knowledge”

Rob Francis


“Having regular contact with users – responding to fix issues or to implement requests and suggestions – gives me a sense of engagement in the service we provide that is very satisfying and means the work is fast paced and interesting”

Adam Conroy

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Truckcom – A customer’s view

We are always happy to shout about all the good stuff that Truckcom can do, but sometimes it’s nice to hear about it from a different perspective. Here Steve Jones, MD of Waterside Logistics describes his long standing relationship with Truckcom.

Waterside Logistics Ltd

“I first was introduced to Truckcom in 2005 whilst working for a large haulage operation. At the time the company was using an old style system which was adequate but had no flair or ingenuity. A few systems were investigated but Truckcom stood out because of its many user friendly functions. Another big plus was the PDA system for the vehicles. This meant that jobs could be planned, the drivers could see the job and within a few clicks, could acknowledge and follow it without the many phone calls that it would normally have taken.  In addition to this was the real time defect reporting system, which gave an edge to the business. We could sell ourselves better because we could see every truck, including subcontractors, and we were able to give this visibility to customers who could then see the trucks working on their own jobs. A good USP in today’s market.

At this time there were many updates and changes made, EDI links, accounts functions changed or added and all done in a timely manner and in many cases with no cost.

I moved companies in 2009 and used an alternative system which was frankly poor in comparison so when it came to starting my own business it was an easy choice for me to talk to Truckcom about how we could get the system working for us. We haven’t been disappointed, the system now feels more robust, it still does all the good stuff I remember and for us as a new company with minimal staff it means we can plan a large number of jobs in a smart way with no time lost on unnecessary phone calls.  Truckcom is very user friendly – it’s easy to get started, easy to use and there is little training needed. As a new company the pay as you go system is perfect. There is no huge outlay in system costs and licence fees, it is a pure plug and play exercise.

I would recommend Truckcom to any logistic company as it can cover all bases, but the big wins are tracking for live information, defect reporting for drivers and cost.  It is a well rounded package for any company to use and be comfortable in the knowledge that behind the scenes there is a team of people looking to better the product and support their customers with live help should it be required. I have only really touched the surface of what the system can actually do and in time I intend to dig into it deeper to get even more out of it”

Read more of our case studies here

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Truckcom mobile now runs in 17 languages!

Good news for Truckcom users with drivers whose first language isn’t English.


Choose a language

Drivers can now use the mobile app in any one of 17 different languages. We have developed this facility in response to customer requests both in the UK and abroad.

Drivers can now select their chosen language in the Truckcom app, and the good news is that Truckcom does all the hard work for you and reports back to the office users in English.

We recently calculated that 90% of drivers operating abroad are using the Truckcom app in a language other than English. This in itself isn’t particularly surprising, but what is interesting is how many drivers operating in the UK are logging onto Truckcom mobile in another language. At present a substantial 10% of drivers working for Truckcom customers in the UK are using the app in their native language.


Vehicle checks in Polish

This is an interesting reflection of the increasingly diverse driver workforce in the UK. The foreign language facility is making communication much easier and is particularly helpful in completing the obligatory walk-around checks and ensuring that language barriers don’t get in the way of staying legal.

It also means that all the standard questions surrounding accidents and insurance claims become a lot less confusing. In both cases the driver can fill in the necessary documents in their own chosen language and the office users receive all the information automatically in English.

If your non English speaking drivers aren’t already using this facility and have their own phone operating on a non UK network they will automatically be offered this option when they first install Truckcom mobile. If they have a UK phone they can press “settings” then “language” within the app. Please contact Truckcom support on 0800 644 4821 for help in setting up this facility….

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Truckcom Server Upgrades

servers_closeDuring February we will be upgrading several of Truckcom’s central servers. This is being done to improve the resilience and performance of Truckcom for all users and to assist us with coping with the continually growing demand on our central servers as our user base grows.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

The work will be carried out between 08:00 and 20:00 on Sunday 7th February and between 08:00 and 20:00 on Sunday 21st February.

Is my company affected?

All companies using Truckcom will be affected by the upgrades planned for 7th February. If you see an alert at the top left of your TruckcomST screen which also mentions the 21st February, TruckcomST users your company will also be affected by work planned for the 21st February. No mobile users will be affected by activities on 21st February.

If you have any questions about these upgrades, please give us a call on 0800 6444 821 or email our helpdesk at

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